What We’re Listening To… “Where the Kids Are” by Blondfire

The Los Angeles indie pop band Blondfire was a brother-and-sister duo of Bruce and Erica Driscoll. They were born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and hold citizenship in two countries due to their American father and Brazilian mother. The 2011 song, “Where The Kids Are,” actually came right before their signing with Warner Bros. Records and Primary Wave Music in 2012.

Erica’s “ethereal, confident vocals and ineffable style brought the band great acclaim and a worldwide fan base that has garnered more than 7 million combined plays on Spotify and Youtube,” with the 2014 breakout album “Young Heart”  which featured the alternative hit. Today, Blondfire is made up of Erica Driscoll, Anthony Polcino on Guitar, Josh Miramontes on Bass, and Reade Pryor on Drums.

The band put out True Confessions EP in 2016 and was featured on Paris Blohm Something About You (Conro’s Ultra Miami 2016 Remix) ‎the same year. Today, Erica Driscoll, who just had a baby, has recently put out “COMFORT ZONES” a brand new single from her other band, WORLDS, and Bruce has just released a music video for the  song, Die Trying, from his new band with his wife called Freedom Fry.



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