The Art of San Bernardino: 5 Art Galleries You Need To Check Out

Featured art was painted by San Bernardino artist Ivan Preciado during the 2017 Alliance for Community Transformation.

San Bernardino is more than the home of The 66ers, the first McDonald’s, the first Taco Bell, and part of the historic Route 66. It’s beautiful mountains; the national forest, great food, and rich culture play a big part in making San Bernardino pretty cool too. Another part of what makes the county, which has grown to become one of the largest counties/cities in the US, great is its art.

San Bernardino’s earliest known inhabitants were Serrano Indians (Spanish for “people of the mountains”) who spent their winters in the valley, and their summers in the cooler mountains. These native residents, the Spanish settlers, and Mexican citizens all still hold a heavy influence on the art and culture in the region. When you think of art in San Bernardino, you think of these people, it’s current resident, and the beauty that surrounds them.

Check out this list of amazing galleries for your next visit to San Bernardino.

Chaffey Community Museum of Art

The cozy museum has a strong community element, friendly staff, and great pieces of art from local artists that give first hand accounts, and deep insight into life as a resident of San Bernardino.

There are so many different events taking place there that bring people together. They currently have several exhibits displayed, Open Studio at on Fridays from 11 am to 3 pm, where artists meet to create and share their artwork in an unstructured environment, and the ability to rent the museum year-round for events.

Robert and Frances Fullerton Museum of Art (RAFFMA)

Robert V. Fullerton Museum of Art, located on the campus of California State University, San Bernardino, contains a collection of Egyptian antiquities, ancient pottery from present-day Italy, and funerary art from ancient China. In addition to the extensive antiquities on display, the museum presents contemporary art and changing exhibitions.

The museum supports its exhibitions with educational programs and outreach activities to educate, inspire, and maintain public interest in art and design.

Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art

The Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art is one of the best contemporary art museums for local and up-and-coming artists in and around the San Bernardino area. The building is currently undergoing renovations, but their programming is on view in alternate locations on the Chaffey College Rancho Cucamonga campus and will be open during the college’s summer schedule of classes.

The Clara and Allen Gresham Art Gallery

The Gresham Art Gallery is located on the San Bernardino Valley College campus next to the Administration building.  The museum offers an Inland Empire showcase for the work of SBVC students, art faculty, alumni and regional artists. If you want local work filled with the rich culture and history of San Bernardino then you should definitely check out the museum.

The Threshold Art Gallery

The Threshold Art Gallery is another local gallery that you should check out if you want to see some local art. Evan Dulky and John Shmeby established the gallery in 2015 before it was renamed The Threshold Art Gallery. Aeron and Michelle Brown have now taken over ownership and regularly display artwork from local and national artist.


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