How “Caught A Ghost” Influenced Film And Music

Before we knew Tessa Thompson as a famous A-List actress and the romantic partner of award-winning singer-songwriter musician, Janelle Monáe, we knew her as one of the members of the indie electro soul band, Caught A Ghost.

The band was originally made up of fellow Angelinos, songwriter and producer, Jesse Nolan, Stephen Edelstein, Tessa Thompson, Erik Hughes, Tim McKay, Michael Czaja, Brandon Smith, Justin Glass, and Keith Patterson before it just became Jesse Nolan and Stephen Edelstein.

The sound is described by its members as “a modern take on blue eyed soul. The tracks feature elements of classic Motown and stax volt compositions with influences from dub-step, 90s rap, and contemporary electronica.”

I originally heard about the band before the release of their debut album, ‘Human Nature’, which was released everywhere on April 1, 2014. The band provided two songs for the Dear White People soundtrack. Caught A Ghost also provided a remix to their song “Sleeping At Night” that was featured in the film’s trailer, and produced a new song, “Get Your Life”, for the film. The song’s music video was directed by Justin Simien (the director of Dear White People) and features the cast of the film. The band’s new album, “Right and Wrong,” is set to be released soon.

Check out one of their earlier songs, “Time Go,” below.


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