Not So Artful Productions’ Grosse Misconduct Offers Refreshing Take On LGBTQ Representation

Meet The Cast of Grosse MisconductPublished on The 26 LGBTQ.

20Gayteen has seen a stream of content in mainstream media with LGBTQ representation. The characters and content have been rich, strong characters, but not every piece of content with representation has done what the digital series, Grosse Misconduct, has done.

Grosse Misconduct follows a group of characters working in human resources who end up navigating personal and professional struggles in their everyday lives under the leadership of their high-maintenance director, Mitch Grosse, played by actor Colby Ryan. The group of characters just so happens to feature LGBTQ leads.

The series stars transgender actress and Iranian-American transgender activist, Pooya Mohseni, Anne Schroeder who co-wrote the series along with Colby Ryan, the show’s creator, writer, executive producer, and gay actor. The story offers a refreshing take on representation that doesn’t include the typical coming out narrative.

“As we went on it also became important to me as a gay actor to not just write a character for myself that was gay, but we also wanted to explore the idea of having half of the leads be from the LGBTQ community,” said Ryan. “So, one of them was me, and the other was the character of Alicia who is a transgender woman. We wanted to find a transgender actress to bring Alicia to life.”

Colby Ryan, Anne Schroeder, and Steve Barkman who plays Brian Lambert had met while taking an acting class and later decided to create a project for themselves that they could use to express their creativity, to show casting directors the types of roles that they would like to play, and what they could do. The project quickly became so much more than that when thinking about representation.

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