Singer-Songwriter and ‘The 26 LGBTQ’ Creator Camille Ora-Nicole Seamlessly Blends Talents

Camille Ora-Nicole is a southern California-based singer-songwriter who has been writing creatively since the age of six. She creates songs that she loves and that is true to herself and finds the space to seamlessly blend her love for music with her love of crafting pieces of art and graphic design. When she is not creating music or making art, Camille works on managing a digital publication called The 26 LGBTQ that celebrates queer intersectionality and creativity.

Camille ended up picking up the guitar after her sister started doing lessons after school in fifth grade. She played guitar in the school’s band and grew her knowledge in music, how to operate and play in a band, and met many of other musically inclined individuals during her time that she was playing.

“The first band I was ever in was actually with my school,” said Camille. “It was called Crossroads, it was a worship band at a Christian school, but I played guitar. The teacher was super into doing things as professionally as possible, and as a thirteen-fourteen-year-old, we were rehearsing constantly and were learning how to clean our guitars properly, because we had to do that all of the time. We were our own roadies. We had to wrap up our own wires and carry our equipment, and on top of that, we had to play as close to perfect as possible all of the time. It was really intense, but that’s how I ended up learning how to play in a band, and I got better at playing guitar.”

Camille ended up continuing her education in music while in high school and took a break from music to pursue architecture in college. She credits her interests in architecture for the invaluable opportunity to strengthen her skills in art and graphic design.

She ended up forming a band towards the end of her undergraduate career and played some local shows. She got back into writing and creating music for herself after the group disbanded and dove back into the music scene before graduating from USC with a Master’s degree. She eventually ended up finding people in the local music industry that helped her work on the music that she wanted to create.

“I started performing later on with OCML pretty regularly for a year,” said Camille. “I am actually really starting to find exactly what I want to do with my music. I found a producer who helped me with Compton Gold on the mixing and vocals, and who is being super helpful.”

Camille currently has two songs up on Spotify under the name Camille Ora-Nicole. She’s also working on an EP that will be fully released sometime around October of this year and will be releasing original songs one at a time between August and October alongside lyric videos and cover art that she designed.

“The EP is going to be called Home Lust. It’s essentially going through a U-Haul situation. It’s based on the idea of someone being a home versus someone being a hotel.” said Camille. “It’s someone that you’re only going to be there and only going to stay there two seconds versus someone you’re going to love and nurture and hopefully take care of your whole life.”

Camille hopes to keep creating music for different places and different spaces while impeccably incorporating her other skills in art, writing, and design to bring forth new and innovative visual and audio content. You can check out more of her work on her website,


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