Southern California (SoCal) is a uniquely diverse place full of a multitude of arts and entertainment. Whether it’s music, art, or film, SoCal Indie Magazine has your need to discover more independent artists covered.

Why Independent?

Independent artists have changed the music and entertainment industry with the help of community building tools that have risen from the internet, social media, and streaming services. The artist have shown that they can bypass the middleman and speak directly with their audiences. Why independent? Why not have the artist take charge and have an overall say with their own work?

Why SoCal?

Southern California has a mixture of cultures, amazing people, and wonderful opportunities for lovers of food, the arts, and entertainment to experience. SoCal has so much to offer that it’s an easy decision to choose this region to explore.

Why Arts and Entertainment?

Why do we need the arts? Art reflects who we are as humans. It reveals our cultural values, shares our beliefs with others, and preserves and identifies the vast range of stories, communities, and groups of people that make up our world. We need the arts which is why SoCal Indie wants to share its community’s art with you.