Art is so important to the preservation and the development of humankind. We need art to understand and to share our individual and shared history. The purpose of works of art may be to communicate ideas, whether politically, spiritually, or philosophically motivated. Art captures a sense of beauty, explores the nature of perception, and can generate strong emotions.

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ArtShare Los Angeles Art Show
A Space To Create: Art Share LA Offers Resources To The Local Community
Once an after-school arts center, Art Share L.A. reopened its doors a couple of years ago as a program to
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Beyond The Streets
Art Exhibition Review: Beyond The Streets
The Los Angeles exhibition, Beyond The Streets, aims to showcase a selection of paintings, sculpture, photography, and various installations that
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Camille Ora-Nicole
Singer-Songwriter and ‘The 26 LGBTQ’ Creator Camille Ora-Nicole Seamlessly Blends Talents
Camille Ora-Nicole hopes to keep creating music for different places and different spaces while impeccably incorporating her other skills in
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