What We’re Listening To… “Where the Kids Are” by Blondfire

The Los Angeles indie pop band Blondfire was a brother-and-sister duo of Bruce and Erica Driscoll. They were born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and hold citizenship in two countries due to their American father and Brazilian mother. The 2011 song, “Where The Kids Are,” actually came right before their signing with Warner Bros. Records and Primary Wave Music in 2012. Continue reading “What We’re Listening To… “Where the Kids Are” by Blondfire”

Ted Casablanca Art Gallery Show, Naked And Lush

Naked And Lush And The Pixies

Bright lights flashing and bouncing around a dark room. Crowds of people singing and swaying to the sounds of what The Guardian calls “an unorthodox marriage of surf music and punk rock.” I found myself jamming out to a live performance of The Pixies at the first location on their 2017 North American tour at The Fox Theater in Pomona, CA.

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The Wild Side of Kitten

It’s a tad bit violent, but the song is a great one. Chloe Chaidez, Lukas Frank, Bryan DeLeon and Waylon Rector make up Kitten, the band, from Los Angeles. G# from their second album, Cut it Out, sounds like a symphony of powerful vocals and guitar. I describe the band’s sound to be a fresh new twist on the power ballads of the 80’s. Continue reading “The Wild Side of Kitten”