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Indie Films You Should Have Already Seen

References, quotes, and entire cultural trends have been attributed to many classic films. But which classic films should you have at the top of the list if you haven’t seen them yet? Well, here is a list of ten indie movies that you should have already seen. Continue reading “Indie Films You Should Have Already Seen”

Netflix Original, Little Evil

Film Review: Netflix’s Horror-Comedy “Little Evil” Breaks Gender Norms

As Published on The 26

Parenting is hard, but not as hard as having to raise a stepson whom you are convinced may be the antichrist. That’s exactly what Gary Bloom, played by Adam Scott, has to deal with in the 2017 American horror comedy film, “Little Evil,” that was released by Netflix on September 1, 2017.image

You get all of your creaks, moans, jump-scares, classic horror movie references, and an outlandish story with a satirical take with the film written and directed by Eli Craig. However, I was surprised to find that the film also subtly promoted an understanding and acceptance of gender fluidity. Continue reading “Film Review: Netflix’s Horror-Comedy “Little Evil” Breaks Gender Norms”